About the Firm

GESSEL is a supporting member and legal advisor of the Polish Private Equity Association, an organisation assembling private equity / venture capital funds active in the country. Dr Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz, senior partner of GESSEL, is the Chairwoman of the Polish Private Equity Association’s Audit Committee.
Polskie Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Kapitałowych

Monterey Funds Club

Aldona Pietrzak, partner in GESSEL, represents Poland within the Monterey Funds Club. In existence since 2002, the Monterey Funds Club assembles lawyers from fourteen European jurisdictions who specialise in advising investment funds and financial institutions. The Club’s members meet on a semi-annual basis to discuss and evaluate the most recent developments and trends in this line of practice.
Monterey Funds Club

GESSEL is a partner of the Association of Private Investors, the largest investor organisation in Poland (a member of Euroshareholders since 2001). This organisation pursues a number of initiatives to the benefit of the private investor community, including production of analyses and reports and organisation of training events and conferences. GESSEL’s involvement in activities of the Association of Private Investors is coordinated by Leszek Koziorowski, partner.
Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Indywidualnych

GESSEL cooperates with the Association of Market Issuers. In existence since 1993, the Association offers assistance and consultations to member companies listed on the Warsaw Securities Exchange (and the New Connect alternative market) with respect to legal requirements, regulatory issues, and investor relations. In its capacity as member of the Alliance for Development of the Polish Equity Market and the Exchange Council of the Polish Ministry of Finance, the Association of Market Issuers furthers development of Polish capital markets by way of educational, promotional, and lobbying work. Responsibility on the part of GESSEL rests with Leszek Koziorowski , the partner in charge of our securities market practice.
Stowarzyszenie Emitentów Giełdowych

GESSEL – represented by Dorota Bryndal, the partner heading our IP practice – is the exclusive legal partner of the “Design Your Profit” project implemented by the Institute of Industrial Design as part of the Innovative Economy programme geared at creating a professional business environment which enables entrepreneurs and designers to cooperate in the area of industrial design application and which fosters innovation in the business community, facilitates scientific contributions to economic development, and opens the way for innovative Polish products to enter the international market.

GESSEL is a partner of the Cambridge PYTHON project for fostering dialogue between Poland ’s academic and business communities, supporting creativity and innovation in academia, and propagating best practices in the area of entrepreneurship.

We provide substantive support to the Women’s Congress (whose programme council includes Dr Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz, our firm’s senior partner. The main goals of the Congress comprise proportionate representation of women on electoral lists and institution of an independent office of an Ombudsman for Women and Equality.