About the Firm

GESSEL was founded in 1993 and soon established itself as one of the leading law firms in Poland. We have played a significant role in transformation of the Polish economy, assisting with the inflow of foreign investment to Poland and in development of the country’s capital markets.


We offer legal advice in almost all areas of the economy, including the financial sector, construction, real estate, foodstuffs, transport, retail, pharmaceuticals, the mass media, and IT.


Members of our legal team are qualified to advise on Polish and German law.

Our practice is focused on: M&A, private equity and venture capital, equity transactions, securities law, company and business law, competition law, intellectual property, employment law, pharmaceutical law, tax law, real estate, arbitration, litigation, and FDI. Our German Desk is dedicated to serving German-speaking clients and entities.

GESSEL as well as individual lawyers from our firm are consistently recognised in a number of Polish and international rankings.

We pursue a number of pro publico bono initiatives, supporting a number of educational and cultural associations.