Areas of practice

Security of information in general, and of personal data in specific, is a critical aspect of compliance in any organisation. Any violation of the applicable laws may not only result in claims by third parties, but also invite the intervention of administrative bodies which, apart from compelling due modification in the operational or organisational aspects, may also impose fines.

Drawing on our extensive experience with personal data protection, we can offer to our Clients not only comprehensive legal services, but also direct implementation and process support as well as day-to-day services.

We also offer a package of Data Security Administrator services whereunder we assume the role of ABI to the benefit of a Client, providing his organisation with multi-faceted advice on compliance with personal data protection duties.

Our services in this field also comprise:

  • Day-to-day advice on personal data protection issues;
  • Drafting, implementing, and updating the mandatory personal data protection documents;
  • Compliance verification and audits;
  • Representation before the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection and other bodies;
  • Addressing incidents, devising measures to prevent their recurrence;
  • Drafting agreements concerning entrustment of data for processing and/or release of data;
  • Individual and group training sessions tailored for the specific needs of the organisation.

In addressing personal data protection issues, we work with other lawyers from GESSEL so as to place the given matter in a broader context, taking due heed of business factors, human resources, any corporate transformations, safeguarding of intellectual property, and business secrecy.

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