Areas of practice

Our lawyers provide multifaceted legal support for public procurement projects, offering:

  • Comprehensive advice for contracting authorities at every stage of public procurement proceedings (including the preparatory phase), in particular as regards drafting material contract term specifications;
  • Comprehensive advice for contractors, in particular as regards analysis of material contract term specifications and of the accompanying documentation and the legal aspects of preparing applications for admission to proceedings;
  • Drafting appeals and complaints concerning National Appeals Chamber decisions and other documents in the course of proceedings; representation of contractors and of contracting parties before the President of the Public Procurement Office, the National Appeals Chamber, and before the circuit courts;
  • Ongoing analysis of National Appeals Chamber and circuit court rulings / authorities in public procurement cases and of opinions published by the President of the Public Procurement Office;
  • Drawing up thematic reports on the most recent National Appeals Chamber authorities, affording our Clients up-to-date knowledge about the newest interpretational trends in public procurement law.

We also support Clients in execution of large infrastructure projects in areas such as transport, medicine, energy and construction by:

  • Advising in the course of public procurement proceedings;
  • Advising on public-private partnerships as regards selection of the optimum project structure, negotiation of the relevant agreements (also with lenders / finance providers), and dispute resolution (including ADR).

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