The effects of a shareholders’ meeting/general meeting not taking place within the statutory deadline for the submission of documents closing the financial year to the court register and tax office.

In accordance with the accounting act and the Code of Commercial Companies, the financial statement and the report on the activities of the capital company are subject to approval by the annual shareholders' meeting / general meeting, not later than 6 months after the end of the financial year. Within 15 days of the approval, the board has to submit to the National Court Register the annual financial statement, the auditor's opinion, if subjected to an audit, a copy of a resolution or order of the approving authority for the approval of the annual financial statement and the distribution of profit or covering of loss, as well as the activity report. 

If the meeting is not held within the statutory period and the financial report is not approved, then according to art. 69 sec. 2 of the Accounting Act, such a report shall be filed in the court register within 15 days after that date. 

They should be submitted again to the register after approval by the meeting, together with the documents indicated in the first paragraph. 

The obligation of submitting a non-approved financial statement is not provided for by the corporate income tax law. According to art. 27 of this Act, a report must be submitted to the tax office together with an opinion and report of the auditor, if subjected to an audit, a copy of the resolution of the meeting approving the financial statement within 10 days from the date of approval of the annual financial statement.