Author: Mykola Zembra

In the act on freedom of economic activity a number of changes have been made which are important for entrepreneurs and which are worth noting. The most significant changes include amendments to the act on the freedom of economic activity (hereinafter: afea), which entered into force on 19 May 2016. These changes are, in particular:

  • the obligation to report PESEL number to the CEIDG within 2 years under pain of automatic deletion from the CEIDG,
  • the possibility of "resignation" of an entry to the CEIDG before the commencement of business,
  • simplification of the CEIDG procedures (making one window real)
  • possibility of automatic deletion from the CEIDG,
  • the abolition of fees for CEIDG data sharing,
  • additional features and data subject to entry.

The obligation to report the PESEL number

Each entrepreneur is obliged to report his PESEL number to the CEIDG. This obligation also applies to those entrepreneurs who are already entered into the CEIDG database (without submitting their PESEL number), and not just new ones. The deadline for reporting the PESEL number is 19 May 2018. In the event of failure to comply with this obligation, the entrepreneur must reckon with sanction in the form of automatic deletion from the CEIDG database.