In memoriam Dorota Bryndal

Dorota Bryndal

Partner, attorney-at-law

With GESSEL since 1999, partner since 2004




Dorota Bryndal specialised in employment law and management contracts, intellectual property law (including copyright and industrial property law), and counteraction of unfair competition; she also advised on cases concerning legally protected personal interests (in particular personal image and good name), personal data, and life sciences.

Quite apart from her legal prowess, and at least as importantly, Dorota was a great colleague to all of us at GESSEL. She was a sensitive listener, and she never held back when it came to helping others. Her empathy, her work ethic, composure and calm made her a model for all. She invariably impressed with her manners and her elegance – these aspects of her personality were expressed in her style sense, love of art, and her taste for good white wine.

Dorota is gone, but not forgotten. We regularly find ourselves referring to her opinions, expressions, and to stories associated with her work and life. We are grateful that, for a regrettably short time, her professional and personal paths overlapped with our own.