The GESSEL Foundation for Zachęta – National Gallery of Art is now inviting applications for PhD scholarships.

The ±∞Zachęta Programme aims to support postgraduate students working on their master’s degrees or doctorates, demonstrating originality in their study of modern art and culture theory and history.

The ±∞Zachęta Programme focuses on academic projects in the humanities somehow associated with the activities, archives, and collections of Zachęta (the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in Warsaw), the Central Office of Art Exhibitions, and of Zachęta – National Art Gallery, with an especial focus on modern history (after 1945).

The programme strives to provide support to researchers exploring the history and activities of Zachęta and its organisational predecessors and of institutions contributing to the development of Polish modern art, especially as regards cultural policy of the People’s Republic of Poland trough 1989, history of museum science and exhibitions, state patronage of the arts, monographs of artists, economic and legal aspects, and operation of cultural institutions during the economic and political transformation of Poland after 1989. We welcome submissions from applicants specialising in humanistic and economic disciplines.

Please submit your applications for PhD scholarships by 10 October 2018.

The relevant documents and forms are available for download at: