We are proud to announce that, on 27 April 2018, Adam Kraszewski, managing associate at GESSEL, was again appointed vice president of the Polish Union of Consulting Industry Employers affiliated with the Lewiatan Confederation.

The Polish Union of Consulting Industry Employers, established in 1998, currently assembles 67 member companies. Its primary goals include safeguarding the rights, and representing the interests, of its member firms vis a vis trade unions and public authorities. The organisation’s representatives contribute to legislative processes in Poland and at the European Union level and to the work of government and parliamentary commissions.

Adam Kraszewski specialises in employment law (in its individual as well as collective aspects) and in pharmaceutical law. Advises on implementation of effective employment mechanisms (also for senior positions), formulation of internal regulations, and disputes. Supports GESSEL’s M&A team in his areas of expertise, for instance with transfer of the employing establishment to a new owner and with negotiating collective agreements. Adam has written and published extensively in this field.