The “Arbitration White Paper” sets out seventeen proposals concerning amendment of Polish laws pertaining to arbitration, formulated under the auspices of the Lewiatan Arbitration Court with Dr Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz, its president, coordinating work on the whole. On 20 November, the “Arbitration White Paper” was officially presented to Mariusz Haładyj and to Wojciech Węgrzyn, vice ministers of, respectively, justice and of the economy.

Work on changes to Polish arbitration laws within the European Union-funded Arbitration Competitiveness Programme has been proceeding since the spring of 2013. The first step comprised analysis of the current legal status, presented in the publication “ Arbitration Diagnosis. Operation of Arbitration Law and Postulated Directions of Change ”. The comments set out in the “Diagnosis” were then debated during an eponymous conference held at Warsaw’s Royal Castle in September 2014.