On 14-15 November, the 11th iteration of the Competition Law Congress will take place at the Warsaw Hilton.

The speakers will include antitrust experts from renowned law firms and in-house lawyers from large companies. Participants can look forward to inspiring debates and to many case studies from recent practice.

The topics addressed during the two days of the Congress include:

  • What new rights does the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) gain as regards counteracting and penalising payment backlogs ?  What use has it made of its new powers to counteract abuse of contracting advantage in agribusiness ?
  • How to go about selling goods and services on the internet ? How to manage intellectual property ? Is Big Data a monopoly ?
  • Do companies such as Facebook or Amazon have a dominant position within the meaning of competition law ?  Do they abuse their market clout ?  How should the markets in which such companies operate be defined ? 
  • Where does the thin line between lawful vertical restrictions and unlawful division of the market run ?  How does the Polish authority interpret violations of the proscription on vertical collusion, especially in the realm of e-commerce ?  What are the new tools for detecting competition law violations ?  Is it possible for a producer and a distributor to divide the market ? 
  • Is it worth the while to cooperate with the antitrust authority ?  How can a potential penalty be mitigated, or avoided altogether ?  Leniency and private enforcement – does the prospect of civil law actions discourage cooperation ?

Bernadeta Kasztelan-Świetlik will lead a panel entitled "The payment stoppages problem – A new role  for UOKiK", discussing:

  • Payment deadlines mandated by law;
  • Who can be punished by UOKiK, and for what;
  • The relevant procedures.

For more information and for registration details, please visit www.pb.pl/konferencje/xi-kongres-prawo-konkurencji

We hope to see you there !