The introduction of employee capital plans (widely referred to using the Polish abbreviation PPK) will pose a considerable challenge to employers presently bound by law to implement what is an entirely new set of regulations. This is especially true of the largest employing establishments, those with over 250 employees, who are now subject to the shortest deadline for selecting institutions with which they will work on PPKs and the entities managing PPKs as well as for effectuating the requisite organisational changes and adjustments to their internal information policies.

In order to, hopefully, ease the process of implementing PPKs, GESSEL has drawn up a dedicated guide, presenting the main issues associated with creation and operation of employee capital plans in an approachable, practical manner.

The guide is available for download in Polish. If you are interested in an English-language version or in discussing the issues raised herein with one of our lawyers, please contact:


Leszek Koziorowski


Adam Kraszewski