We are proud to announce that, on 1 August 2018, Wolters Kluwer Polska published “The Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code. Mergers, De-Mergers and Transformation of Companies. Commentary”, comments to the keystone of Polish companies law penned by various specialists from GESSEL. 

This book presents a detailed treatment of corporate mergers, demergers and transformations (in various variants – by management, by owners and before the courts) as regulated by the Code. Especial attention is devoted to cross-border mergers, an area of increasing importance in which GESSEL has already made its mark. Apart from discussion of the statutory provisions, the book presents templates of documents and notifications. 

The book, edited by 
Prof Marek Michalski and Maciej Kożuchowski. includes commentaries by Małgorzata BadowskaMichał BoryczkaMaciej BoryczkoKrzysztof JasińskiMarcin KasprzykKarolina Krzal, Katarzyna OlszakJulia TrzmielewskaMałgorzata WilczyńskaBartłomiej Woźniak, Monika Żulińska and Tomasz Maślak.

“My congratulations to the authors, and thank you for your huge effort on this commentary. For my part, I can only add that I consider it a pleasure and a privilege to work with such talented and ambitious lawyers. I am happy that we’ve been able to draw on our hard-won knowledge and experience to, hopefully, formulate market practices and standards in corners of the broader merger, demerger and transformation field which, albeit important, yet have to become the subject of cohesive study”

Marcin Macieszczak, Managing Partner

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Enjoy your reading !