Dorota Bryndal was involved in establishment of the Lewiatan Union of Employers in Warsaw and Mazowsze, which sets itself the goals of employer advocacy and representing its members vis a vis labour unions, the national administration and local self-government.

The organisation’s core objectives, as set out in its charter, include:

  1. Representing the economic and societal interests of employers;
  2. Involvement in legislative work relevant to employer interests;
  3. Involvement in policymaking in the social and economic spheres (at national and local level) insofar as it impacts on employer interests;
  4. Submission to entities legally empowered to initiate legislation of applications and opinions on legislation relevant to employer interests in the realms of employment relations and economic policy;
  5. Cooperation with other employer bodies;
  6. Organisation of training for employers;
  7. Research, retention and circulation of information relevant to employers;
  8. Economic advice and expert studies for employers and employer organisations.

Dorota Bryndal was appointed Chairwoman of the Lewiatan Union of Employers in Warsaw and Mazowsze’s Supervisory Board for a three-year term in office.

Dorota Bryndal, partner, attorney. Her professional expertise includes advice on effective employment forms and human resource management addressed to temporary work agencies, work agencies and human resource consultancies, as well as to entities acting as outsourcing agents – in Poland and internationally. Has a distinguished track record working with senior management and directors of business law entities in negotiating employment terms and providing support in career changes, including disputes arising in this area.