Please tune in to Radio TOK FM tomorrow at 9:00 and catch EKG - Ekonomia, Kapitał, Gospodarka.

The first part of the programme will feature Prof Jacek Męcina – advisor to the Lewiatan Confederation, director of the Institute of Social Policy at the University of Warsaw, former vice minister of labour and social policy. The next guests will be Dr Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz, senior partner at GESSEL, Marta Petka-Zagajewska of PKO Bank Polski and Piotr Kuczyński, financial markets analyst. Apart from the results of the European Parliament elections, the commentators will discuss the legislative amendments in the lead-up to transfer of retirement savings of Poles from open-ended retirement funds to individual retirement funds and arrangements between the Polish Ministry of Energy and the European Commission concerning compensation for electricity price hikes.