GESSEL joins the Polish Medicines Verification Organisation (KOWAL) in celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of the European Medicines Verification System in Poland and, more broadly, of our joint work in the interests of patient safety and well-being.

The European Medicines Verification System is a unique IT system conceived and rolled out on a scale unprecedented in the healthcare sector for verifying the authenticity of medicinal products as well as for optimising drug production and distribution on a continental scale.

KOWAL, the entity tasked with setting up and management of the Polish component of the wider European system, has asserted itself among its European partners as a leader in many fields, such as process robotisation and automation in the context of analysing system alerts.

For more information, please visit the KOWAL website: 

GESSEL, for its part, is proud to have supported KOWAL in all the successive stages of the system’s roll-out and in its current operations.

The GESSEL professionals working with KOWAL are Adam Kraszewski,  managing associate and Marta Grabiec, senior associate.