With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, execution of contracts and closing of transactions on a long-distance basis has become much more than an academic question or an occasional novelty. All too often, it is a necessity, and one which requires abandonment of long-standing operational blueprints and diving into the unknown. The lock-down imposed in many countries this spring was not tantamount to a freezing of business, such as M&A transactions, or of its legal aspects. New deals were in the works, and extant schedules needed to be kept. Considerable talent and acumen were put to bear adapting “analogue” rules to a new reality which took everybody by surprise.

We at GESSEL hope that the Polish legislature might take note of the problems faced by the business and legal communities during the spring lock-down and adjust some of the applicable laws accordingly, especially seeing as another lock-down in some shape or form looms large. Be that as it may, however, some habits and models have become a thing of the past. In response to these realities, GESSEL has prepared an advice manual concerning execution of contracts on a remote basis. We hope that it may prove useful in using the full potential of modern technology while observing all applicable laws and ensuring that the acts in law thus performed shall be valid, effective, and enforceable.

The advice manual is edited by Dr. Bartłomiej Woźniak, managing associate, with the support of Piotr Rysiak, senior associate, Diana Strzałkowska, associate and Anna Haciuk, associate.

You can download the publication (in Polish) HERE.