ExploRNA is a unique entity conducting research into mRNA-based medical technologies of the sort now deployed in the Covid-19 vaccines. ExploRNA is a commercial entity spun off from the University of Warsaw in order to commercialise its research.

It is hoped that, thanks to the present investment by Black Forest, ExploRNA will be in a better position to finance its work and to commercialise it.

“…….I was brought around to the investment in ExploRNA by two accomplished scientists, Prof. Jacek Jemielity and Prof. Jakub Gołąb. Sure, research into mRNA is conducted all around the world, and this is a competitive market. We at ExploRNA benefit from a very good starting point, an excellent team, historical foundations for our knowledge, and – I would hope – a bit of a head start in our research. The equity commitment to ExploRNA stands to capitalise on this knowledge, taking the research to an entirely new level….”

Michał Sołowow

GESSEL provided multi-faceted legal services to Black Forest throughout the deal, attending to negotiations, the transaction structure, due diligence, and the transaction and corporate documents – all the way to signing.

Responsibility for GESSEL’s part rested with Maciej Kożuchowski, partner, leading a team composed of Piotr Rysiak, senior associate, Karolina Krzal-Kwiatkowska, senior associate and Marta Grabiec, senior associate.