GESSEL provided comprehensive legal support to Mezzanine Management in its sale of MBL Group shares to INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund, the largest private equity investment fund in the Baltic region.

Our legal team – led by Krzysztof Jasiński, senior associate and including Katarzyna Matyszewska, associate, under overall supervision by Małgorzata Badowska, partner – drew up the share sale and settlement documentation, duly amended the existing documents, and coordinated the work of the fund’s foreign advisors.

GESSEL also had the privilege of advising Mezzanine Management on its original investment in the MBL Group.

MBL produces wheelchairs, specialised beds, and rehabilitation equipment. Its corporate seat is in Denmark, and it operates production facilities in Poland and in China.

Mezzanine Management is a pioneering independent investment advisor specialising in mezzanine and private equity investments with an especial focus on the CEE region, especially the countries which joined the European Union in 2004 and in 2007.

INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund is the largest private equity fund in the Baltic countries (with an aggregate transaction value of EUR 1,4 billion), with the European Investment Fund as its main investor. It is managed by INVL Asset Management, a member of the Invalda INVL group.