GESSEL provided comprehensive legal support for Madej Wróbel with respect to its take-over by Bruno Tassi. Madej Wróbel is a family business launched in 1992 in Ruda Śląska, producer of cold cuts. Bruno Tassi is Poland’s largest nationwide distributor of meat, cold cuts, and poultry; its holdings include the meat producers Unimięs and Peklimar (previously merged with Polonus). This transaction marks another step in Bruno Tassi’s consolidation of a meat-producing group.

GESSEL provided legal support for Madej Wróbel at every stage of the transaction, spanning due diligence, drafting and negotiation of the transaction documentation, and closing.

The GESSEL team working on this transaction – led by Marcin Macieszczak, partner – was recruited from amongst out M&A experts and included Monika Żulińska, Krzysztof Jasiński and Karolina Krzal.