GESSEL is proud to join ING Bank Śląski S.A. in implementation of its Wealth Consulting programme.

GESSEL welcomes this new cooperation as a distinction and as a fine opportunity to share with ING Bank Śląski’s clients or own expertise associated with our Private Lawyer services. In this context, GESSEL provides private individuals not only with classic advice on day-to-day legal matters, but also a proactive, systematic review of various realms of modern life, analysis of potential risks, and tax and legal optimisation, all under the care of a dedicated legal practitioner.

GESSEL’s contribution to ING Bank Śląski’s Wealth Consulting programme encompasses:
  • Inheritance and succession management and planning, also in the context of family-owned businesses
  • Tax planning and advice, disputes with tax authorities, tax optimisation, tax filings
  • Real estate – assistance in planning and execution of transactions in the real estate market
  • Employment – we assist senior-level management with management contracts and employment contracts, agreements and contracts regulating employment benefits and severance benefits, share option plans, retirement planning, and management buy-outs / buy-ins
  • Litigation and mediation – civil, criminal, and family law litigation, including misdemeanours; mediation in family law matters, e.g. division of assets
  • Family matters – representation of clients in family matters, e.g. divorce or child custody cases, prenuptial agreements
  • Estate management, an area of the law which has undergone considerable change in light of recent amendments to the applicable laws
  • Privacy protection and reputation management – as social media and the internet become ever more pervasive, an individual’s reputation and image become more exposed to risk
  • Foundations and associations – advice on establishment of foundations and associations by natural persons, support in their day-to-day operations
  • Documents – Drawing up powers of attorney, authorisations, and other legal documents
By virtue of the cooperation with GESSEL, ING Bank Śląski’s Wealth Management clients gain:

– Access to a highly qualified team of GESSEL lawyers specialising in tax law, family law, litigation, and civil law;

– The possibility of participating in seminars and conferences, access to current information and commentary by our firm’s experts.

The GESSEL practitioner responsible for the cooperation with ING Bank Śląski with respect to its Wealth Management programme is Dorota Bryndal, partner.

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