On 11 May, our offices were the venue of the “Doing Business in Ukraine” seminar co-organised by GESSEL and the Kiev law firm PLP Law Group.

In the course of the event, the speakers discussed the possibilities for initiating business operations in Ukraine from the aspects of choosing the best legal form (representative office, limited liability company, or joint stock company), protecting investor assets, and receivables enforcement (existing problems and the means for addressing them). Dr Janusz Fiszer then presented the Polish perspective on business operations in Ukraine, including the treaties between the two countries (especially those concerning mutual protection and support of investments and avoiding double taxation) and currency exchange issues. Other topics discussed included judicial reforms, company registers, and the Ukrainian tax system.

The seminar provided an opportunity to meet with experienced Ukrainian practitioners in the realm of business law and tax law. The list of speakers comprised Oleh Kazanischev – First Secretary at the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw, Andrzej Drozd – Vice President of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Andrii Popko – Senior Partner of PLP, Ivan Legeida – Managing Partner at PLP, Коnstantin Siomochkin – Head Lawyer at PLP’s corporate law practice, and Dr Janusz Fiszer – partner at GESSEL.

“Doing Business in Ukraine” was the seventh in GESSEL’s series of seminars on legal and tax issues associated with investments in various jurisdictions. The previous events were organised by GESSEL in collaboration with partners from Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Holland, and Portugal.