The public service campaign, whose Polish name translates as DIGITAL REVOLUTIONS, has the objective of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland as they seek to develop their e-commerce operations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign has just been launched and is scheduled to run through the end of 2020; in its course, we aim to furnish enterprises with the knowledge needed to succeed in the e-commerce space, to provide comprehensive know-how and to finance the most promising businesses chosen by way of a competition.

The public service nature of this initiative means that all the knowledge is available on an unlimited free-of-charge basis.

The dedicated CYFROWE REWOLUCJE website,, offers various guidance materials for entrepreneurs, educational webinars, e-commerce success stories, and – last but not least – details of the contest. The contest for enterprises looking to take the plunge into e-commerce is divided into two categories ( mBank will work with its expert partners to digitally revolutionise the operations of the winner companies.

GESSEL lawyers have been taking an active hand in this campaign. We have already contributed two pieces of expert commentary:

Also, our lawyers will join in specific webinars and one-on-one sessions dedicated to specific enterprises. One of GESSEL’s partners, Bernadeta Kasztelan-Świetlik, will sit on the judges’ panel of the competition:

We invite you to join in !