A fund managed by Accession Capital Partners took a minority stake in Inplus-Cenatorium as well as providing for debt financing.

This transaction will leave AMC Capital IV with a 40% stake in the Inplus-Cenatorium analytical group. The capital injection will make it easier for the group to expand its services, which include supporting banks and infrastructure investors with day-to-day valuation of real properties in reliance on advanced digital databases.

GESSEL assisted Accession Capital Partners with, among other matters, due diligence, drafting and negotiation of the transaction documentation, various aspects of the interim period, institution of collateral, and the closing.

Our legal team was led by Krzysztof Jasińskimanaging associate, along with the associates Magdalena Mirkowska and Edyta Mastalerek.

Due diligence was conducted by a team led by Karolina Krzal-Kwiatkowskamanaging associate and comprised of Krzysztof JasińskiMałgorzata Wiśniewska, senior associate and the associates Erazm DutkiewiczAleksandra Głuszek and Magdalena Mirkowska.

The GESSEL partner supervising the project was Małgorzata Badowska.

The Inplus-Cenatorium group has created a set of IT resources for generating automatic real estate valuation models; this system also lends itself to applications in optimisation of the design, planning, and regulatory / administrative aspects of real estate investments.

Accession Capital Partners (formerly Mezzanine Management) specialises in mezzanine structures and is the sole advisor to the AMC funds group with investments of over EUR 770 mln.