On 9-10 March 2018, the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw hosted its 19th Academic Conference under the title “Between Tradition and Modernity. Polish Law on the 100th Anniversary of Regained Independence”.

The first day of the conference included a panel held at the Collegium Iuridicum during which Leszek Koziorowski and Prof. Aleksander Chłopecki discussed 100 years of the Polish equity market.

Since 1994, Leszek Koziorowski advises on cases centring, among other issues, on public and private share and bond issues, merger and acquisition transactions on the stock exchange, and defence against hostile take-over bids. Provides legal expertise in the establishment of brokerage houses and of investment funds, and also in their day-to-day operations. Advises publicly traded companies on corporate law matters (also as regards discharge of their reporting duties) and on various administrative and court proceedings involving the securities markets. Leszek’s interest in securities departs beyond the purely professional sphere. He is a collector of historical securities documents, and his interest in history of the equity markets and of the economy in general is pursued in the Association of Historical Securities Documents Collectors, of which he is the president since 2009. Leszek is the editor-in-chief of an annual publication devoted to the historical aspects of securities and the author of numerous writings on related topics, first and foremost of the books “Shares Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Until 1939” and “Catalogue of Joint Stock Companies in Inter-War Poland and of Shares Issues by These Companies”.

Leszek Koziorowski,

partner, attorney at law