Leszek Koziorowski, partner in GESSEL, has taken part in a panel debate entitled The institutional investor on the supervisory board of a public company held as part of the Corporate Governance XLIII conference subtitled Institutional investor activity in the Polish market. Legal framework and practice on 28 September 2010. Notes on this debate have been published in the newest issue of the “Przegląd Corporate Governance” quarterly [3 (23) 2010].

Whether the interests of the company always coincide with those of an institutional investor, the nature of the relationship between the investor and the supervisory board member recommended by it, the broader questions of supervisory board candidatures... In debating these and similar issues, Leszek Koziorowski was joined by Grzegorz Chłopek (Vice President of ING PTE), Piotr Góralewski (President of TFI PZU and PZU AM), and by Jarosław Myjak (Vice President of PKO BP). The panel was moderated by Andrzej S. Nartowski, President of the Polish Institute of Directors.

“Przegląd Corporate Governance” is published by the Polish Institute of Directors under the patronage of the Warsaw Securities Exchange; it is addressed to all those interested in corporate governance issues, first and foremost to members of management boards and supervisory boards, business owners, financiers, lawyers, and managers.

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