The event was held on 21 August 2021, hosted by the Societal Innovations House – Dreamers and Craftsmen at ul. Bracka 25 in Warsaw.

Maja Frontczak, attorney with GESSEL’s arbitration and litigation practice and the leader of our GESSEL for Climate team, presented an overview of Poland’s first-ever class-action claims concerning environmental issues brought by Polish citizens in cooperation with the ClientEarth Foundation. 

The conference aimed to provide a space for learning and debate for young people looking to tackle pressing issues for the new century. The topics covered included liability of state entities / nation states for climate change and new energy sources. Youth organisations of Poland’s political parties were invited to discuss their political groups’ policies concerning the energy transformation.

The organisers:

IREPSO is a foundation dedicated to cultivating legal education and civil society in Poland through cooperation with specialists in fields such as youth policy or the law.

V4SDG is a non-profit organisation headed by young professionals from the Vysehrad Group countries focused on facilitating collaboration among the V4 countries towards implementation of the Sustained Development Goals.