We are proud to announce that Małgorzata Badowska, partner in GESSEL, has been appointed for a four-year term as Vice Chair of the Polish National Council of UNICEF.

This new challenge is true to form for Małgorzata, who – apart from her professional pursuits – is also active in the public benefit and charity fields.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania unicef logo is a global organisation dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and educational assistance to children. Its efforts towards a better life for children are pursued at all levels, from villages to national governments, and are actuated by the conviction that every child, irrespective of her/his place of birth, race or religion, is entitled to a healthy and safe childhood. Developed countries, Poland included, host National Committees, attorned by UNICEF to represent it in the given country; the core duties of such a National Committee include advocacy for children, propagating children’s rights and fundraising for child welfare projects in developing countries.

The Council is an internal oversight body of the Committee; apart from its supervisory and opinion-giving roles, it may also put forward initiatives of its own. Its members contribute their time and expertise on a pro bono basis.