The event, devoted to the broader consumer protection system, was led by Bernadeta Kasztelan-Świetlik, Monika Żulińska and Karolina Krzal, who discussed current Office of Competition and Consumer Protection decisions as well as the changes now being prepared by the European Commission as part of its New Deal for Consumers.

The issues discussed included:

  1. Consumer rights violations:
  • Advertisements and promotions, also in the aspect of how prices are presented;
  • Amendments of standard rules and contract templates;
  • Geoblocking;
  • Cold calls by marketers;
  1. The New Deal for Consumers:
  • The draft Omnibus Directive and its provisions regarding:
    - New disclosure duties for internet platforms, also as regards paid search results;
    - Additional protections for consumers providing “free” data to internet platforms;
    - Solutions for business enterprises connected with the consumer’s right to rescind the contract;
    - Recourse for consumers faced with unfair trade practices, e.g. the right to rescind the contract and the right to claim damages;
  • The draft EU directive on representative actions.

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