Employees in social media – is the law keeping up with the ever-changing reality ?

On 2 October, the BPCC will host a Polish-language event entitled “Aktywność pracowników w mediach społecznościowych”, with GESSEL’s Paulina Rudowicz-Jastrzębska as one of the participants. The meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss topics such as:

  • How should an employer react when an employee uses his private social media account to propagate content which contravenes company policy / values ?
  • How should company policy with respect to social media be communicated ?
  • How should an employer deal with an employee who, whether deliberately or by accident, commits abuses on social media ?
  • What legal recourse is open to the employer in such a situation ?

Participation is open on a free-of-charge basis (upon prior registration). 
Venue: BPCC, ul. Zielna 37, Warszawa

We invite you to join the HR working group debate on employee behaviour in the social media environment.

For more information and for registration, please visit http://bpcc.org.pl/pl/wydarzenia/aktywnosc-pracownikow-w-mediach-spolecznosciowych