“Private Equity in the Utilities Sector – Business Case, Timeline and Approach” is the title of a seminar jointly organised by GESSEL and by Deloitte on 15 January in Warsaw. The meeting will deal with cooperation between PE funds and utilities providers and with the sector’s potential from an investment perspective.

Szymon Komorowski, Krzysztof Pycia, and Michał Szyk of Deloitte’s strategic advisory department will present an analysis of the utilities sector as a private equity investment target. Formal and legal issues associated with investment and business operations in the utilities sector, meanwhile, will be presented by Marcin Macieszczak and Piotr Schramm, partners in GESSEL. For the ensuing panel discussion, the speakers from Deloitte and GESSEL will be joined by representatives of local self-government bodies, of the local administration, and of utility operators and providers.