The GESSEL Foundation for Zachęta – the National Gallery of Art was established in January 2013 by Zachęta and by our law firm.

The Foundation has adopted the mission of supporting Zachęta – National Gallery of Art in propagating modern art and in promoting Zachęta as a historically important element in the history of Polish art, culture, and cultural policy.

The ±∞Zachęta Programme aims to support postgraduate students working on their master’s degrees or doctorates, demonstrating originality in their study of modern art and culture theory and history.

The winner of the most recent edition of the doctoral thesis competition was Tomasz Szczepanek, who received a PLN 20,000 scholarship towards completion of his dissertation entitled “The Art of Defeat – Political Emancipation Through Aesthetics in Queer and Postcolonial Art”.

In the competition for the best master’s thesis, a PLN 2,500 prize was awarded to Zofia Czartoryska for her dissertation “Art of Outsiders as Modern Art. Case Study: The ‘Why do We Have Wars’ Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw”.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all competition participants, and we invite submissions for the next iterations – until 30 July 2017 for students working on their master’s dissertations and until 10 October 2017 for doctoral candidates.