The Malta Business 2014 Seminar – a joint undertaking of GESSEL, the Embassy of Malta in Poland, and the firms Francis J. Vassallo & Associates and Alter Domus of Malta – was held on 10 September at GESSEL’s offices in Warsaw.
The Malta Business 2014 Seminar aimed to present the investment opportunities offered by Malta – one of the most stable economies in Europe and an emerging centre of global business in the Mediterranean region. The topics discussed included corporate systems, investment funds, trusts, private foundations, and the various forms of tax optimisation available to Polish enterprises and individuals. Participants benefited from the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Maltese authorities and with Polish and Maltese experts in business law and tax law.

The speakers included His Excellency Pierre Clive Agius – Ambassador of Malta to Poland, Dr Janusz Fiszer – partner in GESSEL, Mr Francis J. Vassallo – president and managing director of Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd., Dr Kurt Risiott – advocate at the same firm, and Mr Michael Ellul – director of the Maltese branch of Alter Domus, a provider of corporate and advisory services.

The Malta Business 2014 Seminar was the first one in a series of events dedicated to tax issues planned at GESSEL. Further seminars devoted to Luxembourg, Holland, and Cyprus are scheduled for November and December this year.