The litigation and special cases team of GESSEL led by Piotr Schramm represented a Client who, in 2008, sold to its competitor a 100% stake in a leading producer of fire safety installations in a deal valued at PLN 135 million.

The presently concluded litigation concerned a claim by the purchaser, a company listed on the Warsaw Securities Exchange, for return by the sellers of some of the price. The purchaser alleged before the Circuit Court in Warsaw that our Client was in breach of representations and warranties concerning the financial results of the company sold in the 2008 deal.

The strategy adopted by the GESSEL legal team led to dismissal of the suit brought against our Client at an early stage of the court proceedings, without testimony by an expert witness which the plaintiff sought to call – this even though the dispute concerned the annual result of the company.

Disputes arising in the context of M&A transactions, also with respect to representations and warranties made within complex contracts regulating intricate legal structures, are one of the areas of expertise of the litigation and special cases team of GESSEL headed by Piotr Schramm, advocate.