The GESSEL law firm has established a dedicated public procurement team led by Piotr Trębicki, an experienced attorney specialising in this area of legal practice. He has drafted over 1,000 protests and appeals dealing with subjects such as description of the tender object in a manner impeding fair competition among bidders, unequal treatment of potential contractors, and direct invalidation of tender procedures.

GESSEL’s public procurement team carries on constant monitoring of the decisions passed by the arbitration panel affiliated with the Polish Public Procurement Office and by circuit courts considering complaints from the area of public procurement. Where requested by clients, we are happy to draw up reports on latest practice and developments in the field. “Thanks to this, our clients can benefit from the latest news about current tendencies and interpretation trends in public procurement law”, Piotr Trębicki, head of the public procurement team, explains.

Beginning in 2007, the Public Procurement Bulletin will no longer be published in its paper version; companies interested in tendering procedures will find tender announcements on the Internet. The draft of a new, amended version of the Public Procurement Act, soon to be referred to the Sejm for its first reading, envisages further changes concerning announcement of public tenders. Piotr Trębicki will keep you informed about future developments on this site.