We invite you to join the GESSEL webinar discussing amendments to the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code from the perspective of joint stock companies, to be held on 12 March at 10:00 hours.


  • An overview of amendments to the Code
  • A new definition of the publicly listed company
  • The scope of the requirements
  • The shareholders register vs dematerialisation at the National Securities Deposit
  • ... and what about companies that are not publicly listed ?
  • Criminal sanctions
  • Schedule of works
  • Calls to submit share documents
  • Operation of the shareholders register – practical aspects
  • Effectuation of entries to the register
  • Register certificates and other documents
  • General meetings, dividends
  • Duty to maintain a website for shareholders

The webinar will be led by Szymon Jędrzejewski, CFA, head of the Equity Investments Department at NWAI DM, and by Magdalena Szeplik, managing associate at GESSEL.

To register, please click https://nwaidm.clickmeeting.pl/nowe-obowiazki-spolek-akcyjnych-zmiany-w-ksh-2/register