The approaching International Women’s Day provided inspiration for organising a meeting of women associated with our firm as Clients and as friends. Zachęta – the National Gallery of Art provided the venue for an inspiring, friendly gathering held on the evening of 4 March.

The evening commenced with a curatorial tour of Liliana Porter’s “Situations”, the first Polish show presenting such a broad selection of the artist’s work.

Liliana Porter was born in 1941 in Argentina; as of 1964, she is based in New York. Her pieces incorporate old toys, tchotchkes and curios, and everyday items salvaged from flea markets. These objects are reinvented as central elements of her installations, as models portrayed in photographs and as actors featured in filmed stories. Porter is also an author of drawings, collages and paintings. Her exhibition at Zachęta was curated by Magda Kardasz, who led us on a tour.

Having feasted our spirits with art, we turned our attention to nourishment in the more literal sense, sitting down to a dinner in Zachęta’s elegant lobby over which we compared impressions, talked and generally enjoyed the good company.

Thank you for joining us !