1. In the interests of safeguarding the privacy and security of the Users of our website, (“the Site”), we have drawn up this Privacy and Cookies Policy (“the Policy”), setting out in an approachable manner the terms of operation of the Site, the terms of subscribing to our newsletter, personal data processing methods, and the manner of gathering and processing User data.
  2. The site is operated and administered by Gessel, Koziorowski Kancelaria Radców Prawnych i Adwokatów sp.p. (formerly: Gessel, Koziorowski sp.k.) with its registered seat in Warsaw at ul. Sienna 39, 00-121 Warszawa, entered in the business enterprises register of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, Department XII – Commercial of the National Court Register under no. KRS 892064, NIP tax identification no. 5252070586.
  1. Operation of the Site may involve the processing of User personal data in accordance with the terms laid down in this Policy. Personal data is processed in accordance with the legislative Act of 10 May 2018 regarding personal data protection (Dz.U. 2018, item 1000), with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“GDPR”), and with other legal instruments complementing, or possibly replacing, the above.
  2. The administrator of the personal data is Gessel, Koziorowski Kancelaria Radców Prawnych i Adwokatów sp.p. (formerly: Gessel, Koziorowski sp.k.) with its registered seat in Warsaw at ul. Sienna 39, 00-121 Warszawa, entered in the business enterprises register of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, Department XII – Commercial of the National Court Register under no. KRS 892064, NIP tax identification no. NIP 5252070586 (“GESSEL”).
  3. GESSEL may make the personal data available to its cooperating entities, in particular with respect to marketing services and IT services, and also to other entities authorised to access the personal data on the basis of applicable laws.


  1. When a User visits the Site, data concerning such User – in particular as regards actions performed while visiting the Site and the IP address – is gathered on an automatic basis. This data may be gathered with the use of cookies (please refer to par. VII of this Policy). In addition, the User may, if she/he so chooses, voluntarily provide her/his given name and surname, company name, and e-mail address in order to sign up for our newsletter.
  2. User data is processed for the purpose of:
  1. a) GESSEL’s pursuit of its lawful legitimate interests, in particular as regards security, development, and optimum operation of the Site, improving service quality, safeguarding rights and pursuit of claims, and marketing and informational activities (art. 6.1.f) of GDPR);
  2. b) Fulfilment of legal duties incumbent upon GESSEL – (art. 6.1.c) of GDPR).
  1. The User has the right, whensoever she/he desires, to demand access to her/his data, to demand that her/his data is corrected or removed, to demand limitation of the processing of her/his data, and to demand transfer of her/his data; the User may also, at any time, file a complaint with the supervisory authority – the President of the Polish Personal Data Protection Office.
  2. Within the scope in which processing refers to pursuit of GESSEL’s lawful legitimate interests, the Site User is furthermore entitled to object to such processing at any time. As a result of any such complaint, GESSEL will no longer be permitted to process the personal data, unless GESSEL is in a position to cite a material, lawfully legitimate basis for such processing which supersedes the interests, rights, and freedoms of the person whom the data concerns and/or a basis for establishing, pursuing, or defending claims. As regards data processed for direct marketing purposes, as a result of such complaint GESSEL will be prevented from continuing such processing with no necessity of citing special circumstances and with no possibility for GESSEL to demonstrate any basis which would entitle it to continuing with such processing.

Personal data shall be processed for as long as the User uses the Site and/or as long as necessary to achieve the objectives for which the personal data has been collected. In addition, personal data shall be stored for as long as any advanced claims remain pending and/or as long as such claims could arise without the statute of limitations intervening.

  1. GESSEL dispatches its newsletter to Users who have registered for the GESSEL newsletter mailing list.
  2. Every Site User is welcome to voluntarily sign up for the GESSEL newsletter. A User who wishes to subscribe for the newsletter must provide the following data:
    a) Given name, surname;
    b) Company;
    c) E-mail.
  3. Within the scope of the possibility of processing a newsletter subscription, personal data is processed in pursuit of GESSEL’s lawful legitimate interests as regards marketing and informational activities (art. 6.1.f) of GDPR).
  4. Subscription to the newsletter shall require granting of consent for dispatch of commercial information by GESSEL via electronic communications technologies in accordance with the legislative Act of 18 July 2002 regarding provision of services via electronic means (Dz.U. 2019, item 123, as amended). A User who does not grant such consent will be unable to receive the newsletter. A User may withdraw such consent at any time, whereupon the newsletter will no longer be sent to her/him.
  5. The timing of successive newsletter mailings is set at GESSEL’s discretion.
  6. In order to correctly receive the newsletter, the User must have a computer or another multimedia device with internet access and an active e-mail account.
  7. GESSEL applies its best efforts towards preparation of accurate and truthful content. At the same time, GESSEL offers the caveat that the content of any newsletter should not be taken as legal advice or as an official interpretation of any laws referred to therein. GESSEL accepts no liability for any harm arising from, or connected with, the content of any newsletter.
  8. A User who has subscribed for the newsletter is free to report to GESSEL any problems affecting her/his subscription and receipt of the newsletter (please see par. X below).


The Site uses cookies. By beginning a visit to the Site without changing her/his device and software settings so as to use the Site while blocking cookies, the User consents to the downloading of unique cookies which will be stored on her/his computer or other device in order to ensure correct operation of the Site and to fulfil other objectives. Cookies may be generated and stored on the User’s device by the Site itself as well as by third party systems associated with the Site.

What, exactly, are cookies ?

Internet browsers may store text files known as “cookies” on the hard disk of the User’s computer or other device. The cookies contain information necessary for correct operation of internet resources, especially ones employing authorisation mechanisms. The function of these files is to ensure correct operation of the Site and of the services available via the Site. Cookies also enable analysing User activity on the Site. Cookies may be of the session-specific category (remaining within the browser and on the device until such a time as the User leaves the site) or of the permanent category (remaining within the browser and on the device in accordance with the specific file parameters or until such a time as they are manually deleted, generated and/or updated e.g. at every successive visit to the Site).

Cookies used by the Site gather information about Users. Such information is gathered solely to ensure correct functioning of the Site and for analytical, statistical and marketing purposes, and also to adapt information to the User.

Detailed information about traffic control technologies and cookies used by the Site

Cookies and other technologies


How long does the file remain on the device ?


Traffic analysis

Provision of anonymised, aggregated information about sources and duration of visits to the Site and User activities on the Site

Permanent, session

Google Analytics: For more information about Google Analytics, please click here.

Functionality: social media / information sharing

Facilitation of access to social networks and social internet tools. Moreover, enabling the merging of User’s native authorisation mechanisms on the Site with analogous mechanisms provided by social services (session co-sharing).

Permanent, session


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Is this necessary ?

Users who do not wish to receive cookies are free to change their browser settings. It should be borne in mind, however, that blocking cookies necessary for authentication, security, and User preference maintenance may impede use of the Site or, in extreme cases, render use of the Site impossible.

In order to manage cookie settings, please click on the name of your internet browser in the list below and proceed in accordance with the instructions:
a) Firefox;
b) Chrome;
c) Internet Explorer;
d) Microsoft Edge;
e) Opera;
f) Safari.

Mobile devices:
a) Android
b) Safari (iOS)
c) Windows Phone


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