GESSEL is an active supporter of the Owl Eyes Support Association for Lymphoma Patients, an organisation established in 2005 and affiliated with the international Lymphoma Coalition. In 2009, the Owl Eyes Support Association for Lymphoma Patients became one of the founding members of the Polish Coalition of Oncological Patient Organisations.

Between May 2007 and December 2010, the post of the Association’s president was held by Arthur Masny, of Counsel at GESSEL, now deceased.

The Association pursues a mission of increasing awareness of lymphatic system cancers and of their diagnosis and treatment as well as of supporting patients by facilitating access to medical, psychooncological, and legal assistance and fostering exchange of relevant knowledge. On the educational level, members of the Association join in preparation of civic campaigns and initiatives. Other projects aim at improving the quality of treatment provided to lymphoma patients – such as financing equipment for the infusions room at the Lymphatic System Cancer Clinic of the Oncology Centre in Warsaw (with the support of, among other donors, GESSEL); since its launch in 2008, this project succeeded in purchasing and passing on to the Clinic six infusion pumps and a cardiomonitoring device with an aggregate value over PLN 100,000.