The issue of penalties [for not covering mouth and nose in public] is not a clear-cut one. Judgments annulling fines on appeal may increase in number.

Saturday, 9 October, saw the coming into force of the regulation imposing fines for failure to wear a face mask, as the Polish minister of health, Adam Niedzielski, has announced. “The regulation is a legal basis for imposing fines for not covering the mouth and nose”, the Ministry of Health spokesman maintains. “The duty of wearing face masks being implemented by the government, as the law now stands, has no statutory legitimacy. This needs to be changed, and soon. The authorities are duty bound to act on the basis, and within the bounds, of the law. A blanket order to wear face masks, and any other restrictions, must follow from statute”, explains Eliza Rutynowska, a lawyer with the Civic Development Foundation. (...)


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