Radio Zet, founded many years ago as Radio Gazeta, is now returning to one of its original co-owners, Agora S.A.

“Initially, there was surprise”, one Radio Zet journalist recounts on the condition of anonymity. “We were certain that we will be bought by Zbigniew Jakubas. He had been to our studios, he spoke with the reporters, and he came across as somebody who is at home. As far as the people working here are concerned, nothing would change”, the reporter continues.

Then there was relief. “We could breathe easy again”, another member of the station’s staff admits. “We were relieved that it’s Agora, and not the Karnowski brothers. If we were taken over by Fratria, Radio Zet as it now is would cease to exist. Most people would have to leave”, he emphasises.

“And today ?  Today there is uncertainty...”, another Zetka reporter adds. “Everyone is wondering what will happen once Agora has bought a majority stake in Eurozet. For this scenario is a foregone conclusion in the Radio Zet newsroom”. (...)

Full text (in Polish) is available in bimontly magazine PRESS (05-06/2019, s. 44).