“Rodzina 500 plus” (Family 500+) is the best concept in recent months. However, there are also worse ones, e.g. giving notice to bilateral agreements on mutual security and supporting the investment or a merger of the domestic payment card with health insurance.

During the last period, there are many new ideas and concepts appearing, directly or indirectly related to taxes. How do you assess them? 

Bank tax is already a fact, and soon there will be a tax on sales - it can be hoped that in the milder version compared to the bizarre initial project providing for differentiation rates depending on the date of sale and strong progression, typical mostly for personal income tax, and not on turnover taxes. The concept of introducing new taxes next to already existing ones, and not just a small increase of tax rates already in force - CIT and VAT, may be astonishing. It would probably be much simpler and easier - for both taxpayers and the tax authorities. However, since the decision to introduce these taxes has already been taken, there is not much more that can be done, especially that the income needs of the budget have increased significantly, as a result of, among others, the rapid implementation of the program "Family 500 plus." This pro-demographic program is the best idea in recent months. The benefits for this have also rightly been exempt from PIT - the lack of such an exemption would be the classic transfer by the government of money from the left pocket to the right, a large fly in the ointment. However, there is concern about the source of funding for this program in the coming years...