A duly structured whistleblowing channel is a key element in the organisational culture of any company. It is about time that whistleblowers are accorded the respect they deserve (…)

Bernadeta Kasztelan-Świetlik, partner at GESSEL, explains:

“Implementation of EU Directive 2019/1937 is another challenge for business enterprises, who will now need to put in place secure information channels for whistleblowers. This will entail preparing and implementing appropriate internal procedures and training relevant personnel. For those companies which, to date, did not have such procedures, key importance will attach to accurate assessment of their specific needs, taking into account organisational resources, and then to devising mechanisms which, in light of the statutory requirements, will enable effective management of the attendant risks. Companies which already have whistleblowing procedures in place, meanwhile, will be well advised to verify their compliance with the new Directive”.

The general tendency is towards more detailed regulation of corporate operations in their various aspects. Accordingly, at least some businesses may wish to consider appointment of a compliance officer (...)


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