Conducting economic activity within the scope of carriage of passengers by national roads is subject to e.g. the regulations of the Act on road transport. At present, in the Act that there is no room for conducting this business the way Uber drivers do it – without getting a license and meeting many other obligations. There is no doubt that the activities of Uber drivers is contrary to the law. Interestingly enough, terms of cooperation with the app administrator include a requirement for the driver to hold all documents required by the local law. The problem, however, is that although Uber verifies potential partners in terms of holding a driving license, registration certificate, no criminal record certificate, insurance documents, it does not verify whether they hold a transport license, and during the trainings, Uber representatives openly state that such license is not required.

Therefore, Uber is subject to particular interest of officials, as there is no doubt that drivers using this app break the law. However, officials have problems with identifying such drivers, because vehicles used by them bear no markings whatsoever. Officials in Kraków act in a proper manner. We should not be wondering whether or not the officials violated any regulations, but instead we should ensure that they have tools allowing them to effectively fight for the protection of honest carriers. Officials providing information on offences committed by drivers do not violate any regulations and act in a proper manner.

We should also remember that in many European countries – recently in Hungary – Uber was forced to stop its Uber POP service. Drivers who drive with Uber in Poland cannot feel safe. They risk getting high fines, and not just for not holding the license, but also for not having a fiscal cash register, which may lead to criminal fiscal liability.