The past year has brought a one-fourth increase in the number of court cases concerning employment termination. There has also been a spike in statements of claim filed by employees taking issue with disciplinary proceedings. All this is a by-product of the pandemic.

Despite the crisis brought on by the epidemiological situation, unemployment in Poland has not surged, with an increase of only 1 percentage point at the peak of the lockdowns (as juxtaposed with 2019). The government has announced that the Polish labour market has emerged from the pandemic practically unscathed. This, however, is not to say that companies managed without significant lay-offs (...)

This was influenced by the pandemic – especially in the early phase after implementation of restrictions, when everybody was in the dark as to the scale of the imminent crisis. Public aid towards maintaining employment was disbursed fairly quickly, but employers had their fears in this respect, explains Adam Kraszewski, partner at GESSEL (...)


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