…) The actions of the Management Board – striking some shareholders off the General Meeting list without a definitive court ruling authorising such a move – are illegal. The Management Board does not have any legal basis for striking off individuals who have been admitted to the session, even if the individuals in question did in fact fail to discharge their information duties , argues Leszek Koziorowski of GESSEL. Accordingly, in Koziorowski’s opinion, the shareholders could legitimately demand that they be allowed to participate in the General Meeting. He also emphasises that, if the session was being held at the time and venue specified in a valid call, then it qualifies as a General Meeting. The prerequisite is comprised in due opening of the session although, if no Supervisory Board or Management Board members are in attendance, this can be done by any of the shareholders – and in chairing the session in keeping with the previously announced agenda, Koziorowski maintains, adding that proof that a General Meeting was held assumes the form of a notarial deed along with a duly drawn up attendance list (…)