It has become a bit of a tradition that every piece of legislation enacted in recent years is attacked and defended along strictly political lines, with little heed for the substance of the given problem. It is not my intent, let alone my role, to dwell on the petty games of politicians, but I would welcome a situation where the coming into force of the legislative Act regarding employee capital plans (Polish abbreviation PPK) adopted not long ago is met with a different perception. I would hope that employee capital plans are not debated from purely political positions (to the extent possible in a world in which absolutely everything is political) in that it has become law. A very useful law, in my opinion.

In the course of the public as well as parliamentary debate – quite a long one, in light of the legislative processes observed in Poland over the past few years – many points have been raised in favour of the adopted solutions as well as against them. I would like to pause for a moment on those which, in my view, were decisive (...)

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