Implementation of an employee capital plan, or PPK, is an urgent duty of any company employing more than 49 workers. Cooperation with financial institutions may present a way forward, provided that the right questions are asked.

Financial institutions have been declaring their openness to talks with companies implementing PPKs. It is well worth considering resort to such assistance, in that any errors in preparation of the employee capital plan programme may render the employer liable for steep fines.

According to the KPMG report published in October 2019, one of the main challenges entailed in implementation of PPKs, apart from purely organisational issues, is comprised in ensuring an appropriate competence level of the business enterprises bound by law to launch PPKs, especially their HR departments. Actual institution of a PPK is straightforward enough but, as the first case studies of large companies have shown, actual implementation may engender legal questions concerning all and sundry aspects of the programme. The best way for dealing with these is to contact representatives of institutions implementing PPKs which, by now, would have developed know-how enabling them to provide guidance and advice to business enterprises.


Full text (in Polish) is available in "My Company Polska" 2/2020 (53)