Repeal of the arbitral award and the compositionUSUs.jpg of the arbitration court in the case of retrial [in:] Usus Magister Est Optimus. Rozprawy prawnicze ofiarowane Profesorowi Andrzejowi Kubasowi (Usus Magister Est Optimus. Legal hearings offered to Professor Andrzej Kubas), CH Beck 2016.

The legal hearing of attorney Gessel “Repeal of the arbitral award and the composition of the arbitration court in the case of retrial” was published in the framework of the jubilee book “Usus Magister Est Optimus: Rozprawy prawnicze ofiarowane profesorowi Andrzejowi Kubasowi” (Usus Magister Est Optimus: Legal Hearings offered to professor Andrzej Kubas), which was created in connection with the 75th birthday of Professor Andrzej Kubas.

As part of her legal discussion, attorney Gessel analyzes the impact of the decision on repealing the arbitral award on the perception of impartiality of the arbitrator and the issue of whether after the repeal of the arbitral award there should be a new panel set up or whether the existing arbitral tribunal can decide.