On 31 December, the Minister of Development, Jadwiga Emilewicz, provided some hints as to what might be coming from her Ministry in the new year. Employers were electrified by the announcement that a new category of leave from work will be introduced – the start-up holiday, or holiday from the corporation. The idea, a formulated by Minister Emilewicz, is that an employee availing herself of such leave would benefit from a guarantee that her employer will re-hire her.

In this way, the Polish Ministry of Development hopes to achieve the objective of increasing the number of innovative tech companies which – who knows – may someday be in a position to compete with the titans from the West. This is an appealing idea, as far as it goes. Yet Polish employers did not exactly take this announcement as a pretext for fireworks and champagne; for the moment being, this ministerial idea seems to have met with limited enthusiasm (...)

Six months’ time off in order to put a business idea through a trial run and then, if this trial run is unsuccessful, to be rest assured that a cosy spot with one’s previous employer awaits – this idea of the Polish government has been engendering lively debate from the beginning of the year. The emotions it has elicited run the full gamut – especially seeing as, from the perspective of a company whose employee decides to try his hand at launching a start-up, this is tantamount to compelling such a company to nurture its competitors (...)


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